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Since leaving high school, I have had increasing weight gain, fatigue, and body aches. I just dealt with it, thinking it was normal. When I turned 43, I had my second child, and I just could not find it in myself to chase him around and play as much as he wanted me to. I really wanted to be there for my boy, but I was so tired and always in pain, (joints, muscles, even felt like my bones sometimes.) I decided I was going to get in shape and feel better so I could play whenever he wanted.

When I turned 46, surprise, my precious girl was born. Now I had two powerful reasons to get healthy. I read books, I tried different mattresses, different diets, different self-help programs. 6 years of trying and I was heavier than I had ever been, was more tired and in more pain. My doctor diagnosed me with diabetes and high cholesterol. I was devastated. She told me that I had to get healthy, or I would end up with full blown diabetes and heart disease.

All I could think about was leaving my two young children too soon. I have to be there for them until they grow up, get married, have kids of their own. What am I going to do?

I did not want to take chemical medication for the rest of my life and wanted so badly to gain control of my body, my habits, and my health. So, I began researching and found inflammation to be at the center of many health issues, especially aches and pains. Inflammation causes pain, which in turn interferes with sleep and leads to poor diet and obesity, then diabetes and heart disease.

I was the textbook case. So surely if I could get rid of the pain then I could sleep better and feel better, which would lead to decreased chances of heart disease, and diabetes. I searched medical studies and found 4 herbal elements to work well on inflammation, (berberine, curcumin, alpha-lipoic acid, and magnesium. Take a look at the National Institutes of Health website and type in each ingredient as a keyword.

You will find so much information on these 4 ingredients and there promising effects on better health.) So I tried each one at the most effective doses found in these medical journals. They all worked to some degree but not completely. I then began playing with the idea of combining these ingredients to reach my desired result. I began working on the right ratios to work in harmony with each other and my body. I found the right ratio and within the first few months, I am 20 pounds lighter, my blood sugar is consistently lower, and I feel so much better.

It is a lot of work to meticulously measure and combine these 4 ingredients so I began looking online to see if I could buy anything similar and found nothing. I thought about buying empty capsules and making them myself, but I had no way to ensure I had the right mixture in each capsule. So, I reached out to several drug manufacturers and found one of the largest that was willing to work with me to make my formula. However, they required a minimum order of 1500 bottles. This gave rise to the idea that I could share this great discovery with all of you. So, I created Magic and here we are.

I believe this wellness formula will be a blessing to you, and I believe this so much that I am offering a complete money back guarantee. Just try it for one month, if you don’t feel like this wellness formula has made you “feel better” so you can “live better” just ask for a refund, no return needed. When it works for you, please tell your friends so they can benefit from this too.

Thank you.

Chad Peyton
Creator of Magic Wellness Formula

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